Puppy prayers needed 🐶


Sometimes vets will work with you when they know you don’t have a lot of money and want to treat at home. It may be a good idea to get antibiotics to cover all your bases.


Vomiting and diarrhea does not mean or sure he has parvo, it can be anything, including distemper. Didn’t you have him vaccinated? Take him to the vet at least diagnose him properly, and he will need at least some antibiotics. Longer you leave it, more likely you will lose him, or even if he pulls through he might be sickly for the rest f his life.


Colloidal silver supposedly has antibacterial, antifungal, and antiviral properties. It was used for thousands of years. the internet will tell you those claims are unfounded. But big pharma insists that about all the natural remedies. If he’s worse tomorrow, I’ll try to get him to a vet. (They aren’t open on Sunday.) But so far, whatever it is, we are being able to treat it here. He’s not necessarily getting better. But he’s not getting worse. He will drink on his own sometimes. That’s when he overdoes it and it comes back out. But with me trickle feeding him every 20 minutes or so, it stays down for the most part. His gums are pink. His skin snaps back down pretty quick. He’s not perfectly hydrated. But he doesn’t look like he’s in danger either. He’s also alert and looks comfortable. He hasn’t moaned since yesterday morning. He wags his tail when we pet him and he gets up and moves around the house when one room gets too hot or cold or loud. His eyes don’t look worried anymore. His behavior is giving me hope. We are at about the 80th hour since he first got sick. I’m hoping we are over the hump now and he’s getting better. :grimacing:


We got him at about 3 months old. So he had all shots through that age. We’ve had him for about 6 weeks. He hasn’t had any shots since then.


Also, as for distemper Astro had that as a puppy too. He got parvo right after they got him, at about 5 weeks old. Then the vet wanted to hold off on vaccines for a few months. About 6 weeks after he got over parvo, he ended up with distemper. Both were confirmed by a vet. But they had to treat him at home. They used the same treatment I’m using now. By all rights, that dog should be dead. But he’s huge and healthy. He is gluten sensitive and acts autistic. (Very quirky dog.) But he overcame both of those deadly illnesses with home treatment. :slight_smile:


Aaaahh, :blush::blush:


I give my pups parvo booster at 16 weeks. For the past few years there have been new strain of parvo, not quite as deadly, but still dangerous because it does irreparable damage to their organs. Also, dogs that survive distemper, often get a secondary infection few years later. I had a puppy like that, she survived the distemper as baby puppy, and died when she was 2 years old.
But there are other things, like leptospirosis, which is also dangerous to people. Dogs get it either from rat urine or eating infected wild life carcasses.

I knew somebody who who used colloidal silver, he died from pancreatic (?) cancer and while nobody was able to say the colloidal silver caused it, they strongly suspected it had something do with it, He also turned blue/grey color. Just because it has been used for centuries does not mean it is not dangerous; there have been all sorts of treatments used and many were more likely to kill you than help.


Praying that he recovers quickly. :pray:t2:


I don’t think the colloidal silver caused the cancer. But yeah, if you use too much, you’ll turn blue. All things should be used in moderation. Sorry, the vet’s office on a holiday weekend is out of my budget right now. Also, I wouldn’t be comfortable with him being at the vet. We don’t have 24 hour vets around here. He would have been left in a cage, alone, checked on every few hours. Here he is comfortable, and being taken care of 24 hours a day. We are doing what we have to do, and what makes us and him comfortable. It’s working. That’s good enough for me.


I am lucky, when needed my vet comes here and leaves me stand with drip and everything. I also would not like to leave dog in so called “hospital”, where animals are left in cages and especially over weekend, I doubt they get checked more than couple of times a day. BUT it is important to have the dog correctly diagnosed and get the right medication. Especially if you are dealing with something that could potentially affect people.


If it wasn’t a holiday weekend, I would have taken him in for a full diagnosis. He was really doing pretty good til Saturday morning. It’s been a rough weekend. But he’s still hanging on. Hopefully the vet will be open tomorrow and I can take him in to get a diagnosis and maybe an IV for home. Right now, we are keeping him hydrated via salt water enemas and dropper feedings of water, pedialyte, and chicken broth. Greek yogurt is helping too. He doesn’t like me putting it in his mouth, but he swallows it and licks it off his lips. I also figured out that CBD oil seems to help. He drinks a few minutes after I put CBD oil on his gums. I don’t know if it soothes his tummy or he just hates the taste. But whatever the case, it makes him drink. :wink:


I’m happy to see your love and care has given him the strength to be up. Keep up the good work!!


Thanks. The darn enemas seems to help the most. Gross. But I’ll do it. :grimacing:
And my hands are raw from being constantly washed with bleach. The whole house smells like bleach and I I have oxyclean in the steam cleaner for immediate clean up of carpet mess. Then I coat the spot on carpet with more peroxide after I clean it. Non carpet spots are getting bleached. But for the most part, he’s been using puppy pads. But I wash my hands after every time I touch him or any of his stuff. I’m really hoping he’s over the bad part. We are at about hour 92. Surely he will start feeling better soon. :grimacing:


Also, all doll stuff is tucked away in closed off rooms. I don’t want to risk any contamination. :wink:


Oh wow…bleach?? on your hands?? My skin would fall off, then again I have a connective tissue disorder but still…bleach is caustic. If you have antibacterial soap it will work just fine, just make sure you wash your hands for a couple minutes at a time and half way up your forearms as well. I have a lowered immune system because I am on a type of chemotherapy for my autoimmune disease (I like to collect diseases LOL) so I have to wash my hands several times a day, I recite the alphabet a few times while Im washing my hands so I know I get them clean…same thing I used to do before I entered the NICU to draw little tiny baby blood when I used to work as a phlebotomist.


Gambel didn’t make it. He died tonight. :frowning:


:sob: :sob: I’m sorry.


:cry::cry: OH I am so sorry. You did your best and I’m sure he felt your deep love for him.


I’m so sorry


I am so very sorry.