Puppy prayers needed 🐶


Look who’s up drinking on his own! The chicken broth seems to have given him enough energy to start moving around again. :blush:


Awesome, so glad he’s doing better! Keep it up Gambel!


It all came back out both ends violently. But at least he tried to drink. He drank half a bowl. So I didn’t really expect it to stay in.


Awe…yay!!! Here’s hoping he keeps it up. How long has he been sick?


I don’t know that parvo is contagious for that long. I could ask my aunt, who is a vet, but for now the only info I can find is that it can live in the poo for up to a year though. So glad he is doing better, maybe he just had another type of virus or perhaps he ate something that caused him to be sick. It takes quite a long time to recover from parvo…I also had to nurse a puppy at home because he contracted parvo. My vet gave him antibiotics but we had to do the rest. He was a Pomeranian and very tiny, we were lucky to save him, we kept him in the bath tub and force fed him gatorade per the vets orders until he could hold down baby cereal and baby food meat.

Edit…Hope you puppy continues to improve…I need to go to bed, its one am here!


Diarrhea started overnight Wednesday. Vomiting started Thursday evening. He continued to drink all the way til this morning. Today was the first day he had all the signs of dehydration. His gums are getting a little pinker though. And his skin is snapping back quicker. I’m just trying to force broth or pedialyte, as well as a dose of colloidal silver down him every 15-20 minutes.


Prayers ! It’s so hard when our furbabies are sick :frowning:


Great news. I’m rooting for him.


Me too! I believe in prayer and colloidal silver. :wink:


Yup, sounds about right. At least for my dog it was the same.


Something doesn’t make sense here. I work for a veterinarian. It’s not possible to spread parvo 4 years after having it. Also, your dog looks like an adult, has he ever had a distemper vaccination? I suspect he has something else.


He’s about 4 months old. We assume he got it from the other dog. But it’s common in the ground where we are. We also have chickens though. So he could have eaten some chicken poop or something. He’s only outside when we are with him. But he does have a tendency to try to eat everything he comes across out there. We live in the country. So there are carcasses all over the place out there. :confused:


Oh he is a puppy. Poor little thing. Try to keep him as hydrated as you can. I’m pulling for him.


We are trying hard. Until this morning, it was easy. Today is the first day we’ve had to force the fluids. :grimacing:


I had a dog several years ago that had pancreatis and my vet would let me purchase fluids and IV for a trip. Maybe you could purchase this from you vet to make sure he gets the fluids he needs.


I was wondering if vets ever allow that, especially since we are in a farm community. Maybe I can find a farm vet that will help us treat him at home.


Sending Puppy Prayers!


Praying for your sweet fur baby.


Puppy Prayers sent :heartpulse:


I was thinking country vet earlier. Do you know any that are decent and have a reasonable price?