PUBLIC STATEMENT: Lawsuit Filed October 9th

(Edited 11/9/19 to reflect the amended complaint)

On Wednesday, October 9, 2019, we filed suit in the Third District Court of Utah against multiple defendants, case #190907961. We then amended our complaint on October 31, 2019. Our amended complaint alleges Defamation, False Light Publicity, Intentional Interference with Economic Relations, and Breach of Contract. It is a lengthy complaint of 75 pages, and has taken us several weeks to prepare.

To those individuals that have harmed us, it should now be evident that the fact we have chosen not to litigate these issues in the past doesn’t mean we will not litigate them now or in the future. Public forums are not the appropriate place to discuss litigation, so no-one should suppose that our silence on public forums indicates our malefaction, or indicates an unwillingness to pursue whatever legal remedies we feel necessary. Just as with this case, it can take a significant amount of time to assemble and prepare for those remedies.

This company has been built primarily with the blood, sweat, and tears of my wife Denise. It sprang from her deep love of the craft, and also her desire to make a difference in the lives of all people that it touches, including the many people that it has empowered by giving them an opportunity to have their own business built from this foundation. It has always been her dream that her life’s work would be a blessing and a help to people everywhere, and it crushes her to see anyone attempt to malign it. We believe there are many besides us that have now been hurt by all of this, and it is Denise’s desire that all in the reborn industry who have been harmed will soon be able to heal. To communicate this, Denise has asked me to include this message from her: “This lawsuit is not intended to punish those who offended us, but rather to gain relief for those who have been hurt and for the reborn community as a whole”.

We wish to express our deepest appreciation for our customers who have stood by us during this time. We also wish to help our customers who feel their own business has been damaged by these recent events. Please email us at and let us know how you feel your business has been damaged, and we will try to help you in some way. Please include as much detail as you can. Emails of support sent to that address are also appreciated.

We suggest that people refrain from posting on public media about this case, and that they simply wait for the judicial process to move forward. We have full faith and confidence in the efficacy of our judicial system for this case. This same advice applies to ourselves and our employees, who have all been asked not to publicly comment about this litigation.

To answer concerns or questions expressed by a few people regarding the topic that lead up to this litigation, I have prepared the following short “Q&A”.

Nevin Pratt, CEO

Bountiful Baby

Q: Who owns Bountiful Baby, and who controls its funds?

A: It is 100% owned by Denise and myself, and has always been. We have never given money to any church, nor allowed control of our money to go to any other party. All funds have remained totally in our control at all times.

Q: Is your family FLDS?

A: No, we are not FLDS, and have never been. We are not Mormon. We are not Fundamentalist Mormon. We do not align with any of the Mormon-based faiths, sects, or churches, and have never contributed money to any of them. Our own religious persuasion is best described as “Christian Humanism”, which regards principles like human rights, individual freedom, and the importance of happiness as essential and principal components of the teachings of Jesus.

Q: What is your position on marriage?

A: We do not discriminate against any lifestyle, whether it is LGBT or any other lifestyle. If anyone should find themselves in an abusive situation, we strongly encourage you to seek help. We condemn in the strongest possible way all forms of fraud, force, or abuse, and will not condone or support anyone found to be engaged in them. As long as there is no fraud, force, or abuse, we believe marriage and other “partner” relations of other people are none of our concern. We strongly urge all to abide by the law, and to honor, respect, and appreciate our courts, offices, and officers of the law.

Q: Where has Bountiful Baby been located?

A: It started at our home in Bountiful, Utah USA. The “Bountiful” where we live is a city in Utah, and should not be confused with a place in Canada also known as “Bountiful” that is often associated with FLDS. That is not us, and none of our family have ever been in Canada. After a couple of years of operating the business at our home, the Utah state county we live in compelled us to move the business because it was too large for a home business, so we moved it to a commercial facility on Parkway Blvd, West Valley City, Utah, close to UPS and USPS centers. The landlord of that space later informed us that they intended to repurpose their property and would not renew our lease, so we were compelled to move once again. Our old suite on Parkway Blvd no longer exists, and a fence has been built around that entire property on or about the time we left. After leaving Parkway Blvd, we moved Bountiful Baby to its current location, which is about 5 miles south of the Salt Lake City International Airport.