Prototype requirements question

I was for fun looking over the requirements to enter a prototype, I circled in red the statement in question. If the prototype must be done and turned in by 2019 what Are their requirements for 2020?

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You aren’t entering a prototype. You are entering your version of that sculpt to get an opportunity to reborn her prototype. It looks like the sculpt is due to be release sometime in 2020 so you have to be available to reborn the prototype for the upcoming sculpt then.


@specialmoments thank you! I see, ( I meant enter a painted version not an actual prototype, oops). So you must decide and submit well before receiving the kit. I have terrible reading comprehension, I find a second set of eyes and explanation helps me tremendously :rofl:

What this means is that you enter your painted version of the kit in question. If your kit is chosen as a winner, you will be offered the opportunity to prototype a future kit that is to be released in early 2020.


With prototype contest, you basically must just follow the requirements. She wants you reborn your version of her sculpt Jack and/or Posy. The deadline for this December 20, 2019. So the prototype winner will be selected AFTER the contest deadline. The winner of that contest must be available to reborn the prototype in 2020. Nikki Johnston must have a new sculpt coming in early 2020.


Now this time I really do understand :rofl:, yikey snikey, sometimes it takes me a while. Thank you ladies for so patiently explaining that to me​:grin:. I am so in love with that Asleep version!