Prototype Bountiful Baby :) :) :)



Introducing a real little cutie beautifully sculpted by Denise Pratt. Prototype baby “Ivy” is presently on Ebay until Sunday August 12/18.

Hope that you are all enjoying the lovely summer weather :sun_with_face: Thanks so much for having a peek at little Ivy ~ Have a wonderful evening :grinning:



Beautiful work! She sure is a cutie :purple_heart:




Got it Ivy! Thanks for the tag. I think I’m going to do Asher only because I have him and because I’m falling in love with him haha.


Beautiful done and what a cutie pie.


I like a lot of BB’s sculpts, and I have a collection of them already (just started in February), about 30 counting the ones I have done or am working on. But, this baby – Ivy – I just think she is so precious and beautiful. I really do WANT to get her. Right now my dolly dollars are about gone. But I feel she will be around for a while. I hope I get my hands on her! :slight_smile:


Thank you Rebecca ~ Ivy was a joy to reborn :star_struck:


She is such a cutie pie :blush: Thanks very much!