Just want your opinion if Sammie’s head look proportional with Jade’s limbs. They both are 18"babies, but Sammie’s head circumference is 13" and Jade is 14".


I think the limbs look a little too big.


Agree with @Babies - limbs looks too big.


I am sad. I want it to be my son’s portrait. The only one that look similar to him is Vivien but I would have to buy the hole kit just to use the head. I dislike his limbs and want them to be curly like Jade or Levi.

You could use smaller Realborn limbs maybe?

It will cost me the same as buying the Vivien kit. And I don’t know any realborn that have curly legs.

Granted would have to buy the whole kit but what about Trouble -nikki Johnston limbs?

The legs are too big but not much

I had never saw this kit in person so I don’t know, but if I have to bought a complete kit I will just buy Vivien to use his head with Jade’s limbs. He is bigger.

I would love to do Trouble some day tho !

@babymaw yes, I think the legs are too chubby. The length is just fine.

I think he looks fine. Maybe you could try putting him together temporarily and putting clothes on him. It would give you a better idea on if he’s proportionate or not


I will try that tomorrow.

The legs look big and I am wondering how hard it is to get a color match.

I think they’d be fine once assembled and dressed but maybe try it out before painting just in case.

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Oh it will not be perfect. I will neutralize the head as much as I can and put a few rounds of primary colors on limbs. Then do mottling and such.

Try taking a photo from the side or from straight above. You’ll get a better sense of the relative size of his limbs and head that way.
His proportions will be distorted if taking photos from near his feet. The closer to the lens the larger things appear. I think his limbs are probably a good size and the camera is just making them look too big.


I think it’s too late…I am already in love !


They look totally fine to me! Don’t worry, especially if it’s for you. He’s really cute and I love those limbs with him.


I think he just looks like a chunky baby but not disproportionately so! I think the body you used helps even out the proportions


He looks fine to me. Go for it!

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Just realized that Trouble is a perfect match for my daughter when she was a baby. I now have a reason to buy her !