Prop Baskets perfect for newborn babies


I bought a few and made some of my own basket covers for the show. Since I don’t have room to store them I am putting things up for sale. I am offering them for $25 plus shipping. If you are wanting it with the basket it would be $32 plus shipping.

These are the baskets they can be bought at walmart for 6.00 each.

These are ones I made.
Basket 1

Basket 2

Basket 3

Basket 4

Basket 5

These were made by Sandee at
Basket 6

Basket 7

Basket 8

Basket 9

Anyone interested email me at


These are great–my favorite are 6 & 7-- all the best with your sales :0)


incredibly adorable


Those are cute I like the pink one. LOL No surprise there!


Yea I had bought that material to put on my table at show… so I made alot of things out of it. Now I have made a blanket for my crib with it.