WHO WANTS PICS?..SHE will also need a name…The girls are asking to do a poll once they have some ideas they will do a poll to narrow down the names they like…I am so pleased with how the baby turned out and best of all, they LOVED making the baby and are absolutely ecstatic over being able to be the ones who chose the outfits for her to wear and everything.
The baby will be off to ebay most likely tomorrow. I hope you will all cheer her on!! So…enough of this useless chitchat… …WHO WANTS PICS??


Do you really have to ask? Enough of the teasing already!


Sheesh post the pics already!!!


Okay…Lets See…

First of all…My sisters EACH apparently needed a color theme for dressing the baby…Therefore, this baby has a GINORMOUS wardrobe. Theme colors: Deleah- Purple, Jessica- Pink…

Here are 2 photos to show the outfits that the “unnamed” baby will arrive to her new home with: OUTFITS WILL INCLUDE ALL BLANKETS AND TOYS SHOWN PER THE GIRLS**

So…Hmmm…Want to see the baby in pink or the baby in purple first?


Maybe you would all like to see close ups of the babies features…

The hair is all dry now…where as before it was wet…

Oh…And she has EYES now too!! Yippee!

Itty Bitty Finger Nails…

Oh…and Tiny Toes too…


Vanaessa you are the biggest tease!!!


I would like you all to welcome… Baby “Nametobeannounced”

And…In PINK…

Okay…Now…Please let the girls know what you think…Oh…and name suggestions please!!

Also, what do you all feel would be a fair starting price? If she were yours, what would you do about a starting price?

I hope you have all enjoyed the photos…


She’s a brat is what she is!


HEHE…We posted at the same time Laurie… Look up a bit in the thread for photos…


She turned out so cute, the girls should be proud! Way to go girls, good job. Okay now for a name idea. How about Beth Ann?


Avery Nicole is kind of cute…
I will let the girls choose 5 or 6 names once I get about 20 names and then I will do a poll from the 5 or 6 they choose.


Emily Brooke is cute. I like that name. Not sure on a starting price. She is cute. Well done girls!


well done girls! I think she looks like a Nikeeta Raine


she is cute, how about Angela Dawn


Aww she turned out so cute, How about Grace.

         Hugs Tina


I think the person above us is just out to cause trouble…some ppl ought to grow up and get a real life


I would LOVE to see a baby that MCscout made…
But I have not seen any…So for someone who can run their mouth…they do not seem to have much to stand back on.


MCscout, get a life!


Vanessa, are you selling this under your own ebay account? Have you sold any reborns on ebay before?


Yes, I will be selling it under my own ebay account, why?
I have sold babies on ebay before as well.

I am not too sure if people are being rude for a reason or what but if so, that is sad. I think that for being a reborn that a 10 year old and a 13 year old did MOST of the work on, the baby turned out well.

In the auction I will be putting that the baby was created by my two younger sisters as their first baby with my guidance along the way. I will also state my HONEST feelings on the skintone, hair, detailing, body, etc.

The outfits are gently used, and I will put that as well with the exception of the onesie that is brand new.

You know, TO ME, and this is just my opinion, this baby turned out adorable. I am sure someone will want to adopt this little girl and will love her to pieces. If not, well…she will stay here, or possibly be traded for some reborning supplies for the girls.

Well, that is the answer to your questions…YES, I have sold my babies on ebay before, and YES, I plan to sell this baby using my own ebay account.

Does anyone here think that will pose for a problem?