Progress of my twins


Taite has had his hair rooted. I am pleased with how it turned out. I forgot to do his eyebrows though! lol So I will have to do those soon as I am done rooting teagan! Hope you like the pictures.


Oh wow you have done a wonderful job! Love the mouth and the skin coloring! And the rooting! TDF!!


Thank you. I love the rooting part of reborning. I only broke 2 needles. LOL I broke 15 on my first reborn! What a nightmare that was. I just root in a circle until I get to the crown. Seems to work. I am working on Teagan tonight and she is a blond baby. She is coming along nicely.


Great job…can’t wait to see them both finished!


He’s looking good!



He looks great and his hair is great.


Thank you everyone for your lovely compliments. I loved doing these kits. I didn’t think I would like doing the little ones but they are so fun. I am about half way done with teagan. I put lashes on Taite and now I think he’s looking like a she. I will take a picture later after I do the eyebrows and you ladies can let me know what you think. Also I want to know if there is anything else I should do. I was thinking of spit bubbles but not sure yet.


Thank you Sheila and Lisa! I love them too.


I love this sculpt, Your coloring and rooting look great. Can’t wait to see them both finished.

       Hugs Tina


Thank you so much.I just finished taites brows and added a bow.
I will post pictures in a bit. Taite looks like a girl now.


What a cute baby. The coloring is great!


Thank you. Here’s the picture I promised. Not liking the lashes. I may thin them.With the brows and lashes I seen a girl so I added a bow. What do you think?



I added a new picture.


What a precious little girl. I love that red hair


Thank you! I thought she was a boy until I did her lashes and her brows!