Problems with vinyl

That should go back to the seller. BB will refund and make it right. BB has the best customer service I know of. I do not think even their test heads ever have been this bad. She needs to send that back. IF it were one spilt you can “Fix” it but that is so much I would be scared to even think of doing anything with it.

Wow Bonnie… That is a major split!

First, wow, that is a bad head! Second, I think that they should have to replace the whole kit as a way of apologiziing for her hard work down the drain plus it is a pain to strip a kit (as I did last night when I decided I didn’t like the color of the skin when I was trying out a skintone!) I doubt it was the heat or all kits would split. I use air dry and wonder sometimes if it is better for the vinyl to not heat it but if it was that bad, dolls would be falling apart everywhere. Personal opinion is that the supplier should be going out of their way to make it right and then some. Repeat business is how they make a living.