Problem with Mercari


I’ve been looking at baby clothes on Mercari and have bought two beautiful smocked dresses. Most of the time, though, when I click on the picture to get a closer look, it goes to the order page but the pictures don’t come up. Am I doing something wrong?


I am not sure what it is,I just went and everything loaded just fine. Maybe restart your device…


It does it all the time but not on every item, just most of them. Restarting makes no difference. It’s really frustrating because I can’t see anything up close.


That is very odd. I went to something I bought and it took me to the order page, it had the small pic of my item in upper left corner, I clicked on it and it filled my screen. I am on my iPad using my ap.let me check my phone ap next. Are you using an ap?


Phone works just fine… so sorry wish I was more help…


I’m using a desktop computer.


What do y’all buy on Mercari?


I skipped my ap and went straight to the internet. This is how mine is coming up, but won’t go full screen is this what you are talking about?


Yes. The big picture doesn’t show. The small ones underneath do.


I’ve bought baby clothes but they have all kinds of stuff.


That is hinky, maybe contact customer service or something.