Problem solved


This is a video of the most brilliant dig ever. I/we did. It teach him these things. He has true problem solving skills. He was a stray I found 8 months ago.
He does so many things that are not dOg behaviors.
It makes me really look at reincarnation.
I know this isn’t doll related but I’ve grown attatched to some of you and see u as friends who deserve a heart warming!

Check out this video on YouTube: … ata_player


LOL!!! I sat here watching, and I half expected him to get a key from under the flower pot or something… Obviously I’ve been in the sun too long. He’s soooo smart, though, and soooo, so CUTE, too! Thanks for sharing this with us!




That is so cute. Adopted dogs are the best.


Welcome! It’s still shocking how smart this dog is.
God Bless Dogs


Mixed breeds are great! Our dog was found alongside the road as a puppy. She is part border collie we think and she used to try to herd Caitlyn in her little battery operated car! She also panics if we go in the water without her. Try swimming with a dog trying to rescue you! I know as a kid, my brother had a dog that would climb trees if they were at an angle at all. On the other hand, some dogs are just not quite as brilliant…