Problem solved...Thank you


so I was rooting and watching the news, and one of my needles snapped at an angle. I think it somehow went between the vinyl :confounded: I didn’t even think that was possible. A little help please…


Oh no!! Do you have pliers you could pull it out with?


i dont even see it I even took a chance and ran my fingers inside, but I dont feel it. Only when I stick another needle in.


You should put a flashlight in the head to locate the needle and possibly push it out with another needle?


lol trying that now…its a thick head of hair


Push it from the other side? Or try to squeeze that spot and ease it on down the road?


i think I am going to try heating the vinyl :grimacing:


I just tried that, but I will try it again once i heat vinyl


Yes let us know what happens! The only other thing I can think is applied suction but that’s dangerous and hard.


A magnet will help you figure out if it’s in there too.


So when mine snap I can see it on the inside and use hemostats to remove it


This happened to me too!! It was just the tiny little tip, so tiny my magnet didn’t really even help. I used a flashlight to find it, then hemostats and tweezers to dig it out from the inside. I had to smush the head as far (inside out) towards the neck hole as I could. I hope that makes sense. Good luck


didnt think of a magnet. I will try as soon as head cools a little.


I’ll try smushing the head in. I did press it in and squeeze , but I was afraid to cause damage. still no luck with flashlight.


Try putting the flashlight on the inside and looking from the out, then try the flashlight on the outside and peek in the neck hole. I tried everyway I could think of. If you can put the flashlight on the spot from the outside and use it to push the head in (I pushed as far as the head would go) and look through the neck hole… You might be able to see it that way. It will just be a tiny little dark spot, I could only see it when I got the light and angle just right. Sorry if I’m bounching everywhere with this lol. Just trying to explain how I found mine. It was a real pain in the caboose.


Got it! My fingers ache cause I only had tweezers. It took two flashlights and an extra pair of hands.

I think I’m through rooting for today :woman_facepalming:


Good deal!! Wish I would have had an extra pair of hands… Lol


I had one of my kids squeeze as I held flashlight n looked.


Mine was also much smaller than that. :unamused: Glad you got it out though :slightly_smiling_face:


Yay! I’m glad you were able to get it out. Kids can be pretty useful… sometimes. :smile: