Problem buyer

Anybody ever deal with Mitchell Hern in Rochester MN? It is a woman, and I don’t know why her address on ebay came up male. I’ve gotten over 50 email from her and she is getting to be a pain. Seems like she wants a free doll.


Tell her you don’t have any of those. :rofl::rofl::rofl:


Every time I sell a doll I pray to God it isn’t a crazy. person. She wants a refund but she wants to keep the doll.

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I wonder how she came to the conclusion she can do that. Why does she think she should get a refund?


I’m dealing with the exact same thing…this woman is from Texas tho.

Claimed the doll was not as described (which is the only way you can get a refund if you sell on ebay with a no refunds policy)

Ebay customer service has been NO help at all…
She got her refund
She still has the doll
I am STILL fighting this…

It’s just crazy.

As a seller you do not get a choice to protest the refund…your options are

  1. Full refund…buyer keeps item.

  2. Partial refund.

  3. Full refund…buyer sends item back

I chose #3…for some reason…my choice was ignored.


Someone wrote to me speaking in rhyme the other day… they sounded medieval


I have not had that experience with ebay. They have pretty much always sided with me. This woman wants to keep the doll because she would have separation anxiety and loves it. Yet, she wants a full refund because there is some pealing paint. I offered to fix it or to give her a full refund if she returns it. I really don’t care which she does, but I’m not giving her a free doll.


How interesting! Can we see that?


Sorry you have to deal with this. Would you please give us an example what she finds as ‘not as described’. I want to learn how to protect myself. I think I put detail descriptions of everything, but who knows what buyer might find as missing info… :thinking:

Did she send eBay, or you, a picture of the so called peeling paint? I just don’t get this. If you buy something in a store, you don’t get to take it back, get a refund, and keep the item because you love it so much. Why is it different for handmade items? She needs to return that doll. Why is the first option for refund ‘Full refund…buyer keeps item’? Why would anybody voluntarily do that?


She’s not going to get away with it. I’m not worried. Ebay can clearly see the long, long list of emails regarding this. I offered to fix it or accept it as a return. She “loves” it too much and would have “separation anxiety” to send it back. She’s clearly cra cra. I’m not worried. She’s going to keep it.

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I’m literally giggling out loud at this! :rofl:

She hasn’t even filed a case. She is just trying to appeal to me or threaten me into giving her the money. Not going to happen. There is some pealing paint (actually crackling) on the back of the neck. I gave her a $75 refund, sent her some sealer to prevent further damage, and offered to accept a return. I also offered to fix it, but she can’t be separated from the doll. I don’t know what advice to give you on avoiding this problem. You just never know what will happen in this business. Oh, and I accepted her offer of $200 out of sympathy because she kept begging me to hold the doll until she could come up with the money. So she has now paid what is an extremely low boo boo baby price for the doll.


I guess he wasn’t rhyming but it was so weird, and the end where it says “said ye “ lol what?


I would love to see it too.

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Wow! I would understand that he wants just a pink pram for his little girl, but who knows :joy:



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I’m giggling even harder now! WTH? :rofl:


What the heck, lol. Some of these messages are something else

He has written to me as well, a couple months ago…if you google him you see he writes strange things on youtube videos on babies and children. I have a feeling he has some type of disability.

This is the message I got and he had his age posted as 2 years old

My name is Bill Edward messerly my baby doll come see my Montana

Edit, I removed his address that he wrote out in the message, I wasnt thinking. I feel someone should monitor his online activity.