Probably a long shot-old BB Ella?


But does anyone have BB’s Ella by Tasha Edenholm for sale (or possible trade)? Or know where I might find one? I have an idea for a baby and she would be perfect, but she’s long discontinued!


Bump - anyone? :grin:


I have 2 of them I’m expecting in a shipment coming monday or tuesday. I could probably spare one if you’d like.


That would be great! It is the old Ella, not the new one, correct? I’m looking for this one:

If this is the one you’ll have, how much would you want for it?


I will take a photo of it for you when it gets here, not sure of the difference between the old and new. $25 shipped?


If it’s the same kit, that would be perfect! Thanks!



Awesome! Can you invoice me thru PayPal? My zip is 28273 fir shipping, and my pp is


invoice sent, will get you your tracking number when she ships out


Oh my what an awesome kit!


Invoice paid! Thanks, I can’t wait to get started!

9449009699938274111964 is the tracking number with usps, I drop it off tomorrow so you should be able to start tracking then.  :)


If anyone else happens to have an Ella for sale I’d be interested!


So am I that is beautiful! I would love to have one!


Kit arrived today! It’s perfect, thanks!