Prisma and air dry


Okay crazy question. I thought about adding prisma details after I had sealed hair, eyes, and added magnet :woman_facepalming:
I don’t have a heat gun and kind of afraid to put in nuwave. Would the soft touch I use for my sealer be good enough for prisma. Or is there a chance of it fading. I usually write my steps down but i accidentally erased my board


I’ve always only used air dry varnish over prisma and it doesn’t fade or anything. Never had any problems with it.


Thank you!! Definitely feel much better about doing that


It will be fine as long as you have let it sit for at least 24 hrs. it needs time to soak into the vinyl. You may erase it once your start adding the sealer, wether your sponge it on or use a brush.


Okay I will let it sit a little bit longer. I did it last night so I’ll just wait to seal it tomorrow :blush:


Yes , I would to be on the safe side. I have always baked mine so I know for sure, but that’s when I know everything is done, then I do eyes, magnets