Primer layer caused texture change?

Hi, I have just cooked my bb kit on 260 for 7 minutes. Before that I did a thinning medium and paint thinner on the entire kit to prime it. I have just checked on the kit. It’s still cooling, but now has a slight sandpaper feel. Is that normal? Wont it completely effect the paint I try to add now?


All of the varnishes & mediums even satin (depending on how applied) will have a textured feel especially matte varnish. I suggest however baking varnishes/mediums 2-3 times allowing to cool in between each layer.


@Coley Yes, this is normal and I tried this method 3 times and decided not to use it anymore as I don’t like how paint lays on top of it. IMO,it does not look as ‘clean’ as you paint on unvarnished kit, however experienced RA here use it and like it. So try it and then determine what you like the best.

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