Primary method vs. flesh tones


I’m so confused!!! Lol I keep seeing posts about a primary method without using flesh tones? If you have done both, Can someone explain to me the difference and what the primary method is. If you have pictures that would help.


From what I understand the primary method is by using washes of primary colors to achieve the desired skin tone.
But I’ve never tried it though, I’d like some more info on it too!


I have done it - but only way it works for me is by adding burnt umber as one of the washes.


Can you explain exactly what it is, I am just hearing of it but I am interested in learning new techniques?


Free Tutorial by Sue Ellen Taormina


Wow that is so interesting I will give a try
Thanks so much for the detailed explanation and response


Follow up from @AmyR777 post. Here is Sue Ellen’s YouTube channel:


I love that it’s so many techniques. I will look at her channel thanks alot


I just started this method today as a trial. I’ve never done it before. :slight_smile:
I’ve only done a red wash so far, but curious to see how it goes.
Here’s more info in another thread


Wow…thanks fir sharing


@Summer Thanks for her tube channel!
@AmyR777 I did follow her primary wash technique and I love it. Some people mix all three colors together in a jar to create the tone they like. others do them separate at first, then mix them all together to create the tone they want.


Yes, @Simone posted a chart of them mixed together as the Mother Color:


You’re welcome :heartpulse:


@AmyR777 going to print that!


Oh wow. I would love to see the outcome post a pic :grinning:


I use mainly primary colors. Since the other colors are made from primary colors it ends up working anyway. I do a flesh base on my pale bb kits.


The flesh paint is just brown with some white. I only use white, in any form, if I want to lighten the vinyl. Using the primary washes gives better depth. Mixture of the 3 primary pigment makes brown.


how do you do the creasing, etc?


When I use the primary method I just mix regular Genesis colors to make my creases. I use Q Crimson and Pyrole Red mixed, often.