Primary Color Method (again)

I know there are tons of threads on this topic but I have specific questions, and I would appreciate your help.

First of all - I know about Liveeffects, and read the tutorials, but I do not use powders, and it doesn’t answer all of my questions.

I want to achieve a light caucasian skin tone. That should be possible with this method too, right? I know that some this technique to achieve an AA skin tone with great results.

What do I do in which order

  1. Mottling
  2. Undertones
  3. Washes

I would appreciate your help. I know I will have to experiment myself to achieve the results I want, but I need to know where to start.

Thank you!!

I do a base coat and then I then do mottling bake veining bake and I’m sure you’ll be able to keep going with your primary method until your happy with the color. I have not used this yet but i do intend to use it soon. I will still use the mottling and veining as well. Undertoning hoping someone else answers that one.


Welcome back to the forum! :slight_smile: Thank you for your answer!

What I learned so far is to do the veining veeeryyyy early in the process. So I think I will do a base coat and right after that the veining.

Maybe mottling and then undertones, after that some washes.

Oh,… and I will be careful with the blue. I think one is not supposed to do equal amounts of mottling/washes of each color. I may be wrong though.

But one time I did blue mottling as much as all other colors, and it was so much more visible, so next time I will use less blue all over, but do blue undertones instead.

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Everyone does it a little different, but I only use primary washes. Of course I use some other colors to correct if I get heavy handed, LOL.
Very light, like water color. I put the paint on a sponge then pounce it on (blue,red, yellow) as many sets of washes as needed to get the under skin tones I want. I then do very lightly the veins, creases, blushing, ( you can do them in any order) them mottling. Edit, I do not use any flesh paints or powders (I’m thinking about trying powders)

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