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I want to put my Ashley twins up for sale but it will be my first time selling. I’ve decided to use Etsy because I used to sell other items on there and I have good feedback. I have no idea what to price them at. Can anyone give me suggestions? I want to sell them together if I can and I think Etsy has to be free shipping so that has to go into it. Honesty is valued…I will not be offended. I just need something to go by. Thank you! :heart:


I would sell them separately with the mention that if someone buys both you will discount the total price.

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Cuties. I would do 250$ each. But list them alone. You can mention they have a twin and link to the other listing.

That’s what I would do anyway.


Ok. So, selling apart is the way to go. Thanks!

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If you want to sell them together, figure out how much you would price one for and then double it. Selling separately usually works better but I’ve seen a bunch of twins sell together too.


They are DARLING! Love that top picture! :two_hearts:

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I’ve sold a couple of sets of twins in the past and wondered when I listed them together is it was a mistake. It’s pricey to buy two at once! Both sets sold together though. And I’m glad, because I’d started thinking of them as twins and, goofy as it seems, I didn’t like the possibility of having to send twins to two different homes even if they were just dolls!


I listed my recent twins together and of course I had someone want just one. I ended up changing that listing to the one she wanted, and listing the other as a singlet. It would have been the same as listing them separate. I think if someone wants one, they will probably ask, so listing either way is fine!