Pricing customs


This might have been asked before, but can not find the post. Those of you who do customs, how do you figure how much to charge? How do you handle it as far as deposit, etc. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Blessings


I would like to know this too ~ I haven’t done a custom yet, but here are a couple ideas that may help.

If you visit some reborn nursery websites, sometimes people have their custom prices listed and you can get an idea from that. Also, try a search on Ebay for “custom reborn” and that will give you an idea as well.


I usually take what it costs me to make the doll and double the cost. I charge a 50% nonrefundable/non transferable deposit before I even order the supplies. I can’t tell you how many times I had people cancel right after I ordered the kit. Now I don’t have that problem.

Hope that helps you.



Yea, I also charge a non refunadble deposit to cover the kit and supplies. That way if they back out, youre not out of your money and can sell the doll to someone else.


As an example: If a certain doll is going to cost me $100 (for everything - kit, body, eyes, hair, clothing, etc) I generally will charge my customer double that - so $200. + shipping, sales tax (if applicable) and be sure to tack on the shipping it cost YOU to receive all supplies + packing (tissue, peanuts, bubble wrap).

I ask for 1/2 down as a non-refundable deposit (that would be the $100) so that if they back out and you are stuck with all those supplies at least it is paid for. And don’t order supplies until you receive the deposit. I also learned the hard way



Thanks everyone you have given me some very good advice. Does anyone have anything to add? Blessings~