Price increase


Has anyone noticed that the BB test heads increase …to 8.95. That was a jump from 4.95. (in the begining of the year they were 3.95) BB seconds went up to 12.00. I bought the test heads to practice on- can’t afford to do that at 8.95 a head.


yes i saw that yesterday also…to bad…


Yes I noticed too and decided I wouldnt buy anymore it isnt worth that much. It makes more sense to buy the whole 1st quality kit.

Maybe they figure there was so much competition to get one that they will be able to sell them for 8 no problem.



I will not be buying anymore either, not at that price. Most of the time you can get COMPLETE first quality kits for like $25!


Yes the prices of the 1st quaility head’s went up to. That’s a very high jump for test head’s.


— Begin quote from “normajean”

Yes the prices of the 1st quaility head’s went up to. That’s a very high jump for test head’s.

— End quote

Actually, the price of 1st quality heads went down, not up. They were $21.95 (and actually hit $22.95 at one point fairly recently). Now they range from $14.95 to $18.95 (with most of them $18.95).

Also, the price of limbs went down significantly-- now ranging from $6.95 to $8.95. They used to be $14.95 for legs, and $11.95 for arms.

It used to be that, for a 20" baby, if you bought the individual parts rather than the whole kit, it would cost $14.95 + $11.95 + $21.95, which totaled $48.85. Now if you buy the individual parts of a 20" baby, it will cost $8.95 + $8.95 + $18.95, which totals $36.85.

So for the most part, prices went down, not up. And, we didn’t announce the price decrease.

We wanted to lower the overall price, but we also wanted prices to better match supply/demand. If we do not do that, we will end up with a bunch of odd left over parts (i.e., limbs with no heads, for example). So we conducted an extensive inventory audit, as well as a sales audit, and adjusted prices accordingly. But overall, we decrease prices once again, not increased them.


Well sense there is not other place to buy test head’s anymore, they corner the market on that. DD has stopped selling them and if Sandie has any they are them painted ulgy berergner head’s.


I still say 8.95 for a test head is too much, especially if they are use just to practice on or to teach others with.


Yes, she stopped selling them. I sent her an email asking and she replyed she not longer sell’s them. I needed one to pratice on that color and soft vinly her kit’s are made of.

I do not know if that is what she is doing, if she is then she is asking for a whole lot of trouble with complaint’s.

We all know not every head and limb will come out perfect so I wonder just what are they doing with all these part’s?? Throwing them away and taking a loss or???


put whatever spin you want on the head price increase- 8.95 is too expensive for what you get.
Nobody in their right mind is going to buy a whole set of separate limbs and head for more than a kit so it doesnt matter if a set is now cheaper than it had been. That has nothing to do with the test heads.
Thats just dodging the complaint that the heads are now over priced. BB is hoping the rush for test heads will withstand the price increase.


I think DD will sell test heads when she stops having sales and gets more time to mail them out and also collects a bunch of them.
I think she also bought at least some of them and resold them because there were heads from kits that she had never sold.


In one aspect I feel I can certainly justify spending $8.95 on a DD test head MORE SO than a BB head and the reason I say that is because the DD kits are SO much more expensive…The BB kits…to pay $9 for a TEST head, when I am able to pay $25 for a FULL KIT just seems WAY to high when the head is not perfect or even a seconds…I mean, how much are the BB SECONDS heads again? I am sorry, I forgot…but I know last I looked they were like $12.95…So $9 for a TEST head to me just seems like way too much…



1st Quality heads are now (generally) $18.95. That’s a lower price than before.

2nd Quality heads are now (generally) 2/3rds of the price of 1st Quality heads, at $12.95 each. That price is unchanged from before.

3rd Quality heads are now (generally) 2/3rds of the price of 2nd Quality heads.

So, the current ratio is: it goes to approximately 2/3’rds the previous price point when you go to the next level.

Also, notice that we don’t even have “3rd Quality” (test) heads in stock right now, and we haven’t had any for a long time, and we don’t know when we will get any. So the current price discussion on “3rd Quality” parts is rather academic, because we’re not selling them at that price anyway, for the simple reason that we do not have any right now. But, if we start to get a build-up of “3rd Quality” stock, we will re-evaluate those price ratios. The trick is to keep everything in balance, so that we don’t get a build-up of excessive inventory on one particular part or another, in comparison to our other parts. That’s a lot more difficult to do than many people might think.

And, since we haven’t even had any “3rd Quality” parts for a long time, for the things that are actually being sold, we have lowered the price (1st quality heads), or else kept the same price as before (2nd quality heads). Thus prices overall have actually gone down, and this is true for everything that is actually being sold.

Oh, and yes, it has always been cheaper to buy complete kits than to buy their individual parts. We’d much rather folks bought the complete kit, than the sum of their parts. It’s easier to order, manage, and ship that way, and thus involves less overhead, and consequently, less cost. And, we pass that cost savings on to you as a result, by making the complete kits cheaper than it would cost for individual parts.

We also just released three new kits: Meg, Aisha, and Amber. And, unlike before, we are releasing them at $34.95 instead of $39.95. This again reflects are relentless quest to bring prices down lower for you. After all, how much is everyone else (still) selling their new release kits for?

It doesn’t mean that prices on any one particular item will never go up-- they will occasionally go up, and you have seen that happen on occasion. But, over-all, I believe we keep bringing downward price pressure on the market as a whole, to a greater extent than anybody else has done, or is doing, or will do.



Thats a long argument when all we are saying is 8.95 for a test head is too much.
When I pay $8 for a DD test head I get heads that belonged to $100 and up kits and thats why I buy them.