Pretty babies


I’m giving a little much needed tlc to my other pretty babies this afternoon. They used to be quite spoiled until I started spending all my time dolling it up. Anyone else growing orchids?


I can’t keep orchids alive :frowning:


Aw, that’s too bad. They really make great house-plant pets!


I had one until my dog decided one evening while we were away that it was a toy… Lol. Havent tried anymore house plants. I was starting to get into plants and was thinking about starting a garden even but nothing will survive the dog.


Me !! They were my moms… Love them


My dog went through a phase where he would take them out of the pots and carry them around like toys. He snuck up behind me once when I was wearing shorts and brushed the back of my knee with orchid tendrils…I jumped about three feet in the air and screamed; I thought the alien had got me. Then I screamed some more when I saw that he had dug one of my “babies” out of the pot again! :joy:


What kind do you have? Mine are mostly Phalaenopsis but I have one Cattleya that was gorgeous when it was in bloom. I’ve had it for probably close to three years and never gotten it to rebloom. It lives on a table by the patio door with all the others. I don’t have a clue why it’s so unhappy :thinking:


Sometimes you just have to move them.


Maybe I’ll try to put it on the deck when things warm up a bit.