PRESLEY is coming

Yay PRESLEY awake is coming :blush::blush::blush::blush: I finally got my undertones an my skintones the way I want them an the veins but dreading the rooting I have great mohair an I have a video but Iโ€™m having such a hard time with the swirl uggggh Im better when someone just shows me ok this is how you do it but I will get it I been looking at so many different rooting videos wish I could find one good one but I think precious gift maybe my best baby yet I canโ€™t wait to go home an work on him some more :blush::blush::blush:


There are some really good ones on YouTube. I have watched quite a few. Just be patient and you will find what works for you. I cannot wait to get my Presley so I can work on him.

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It took me until my fourth doll to really get it down so it was recognizable. I was very careful about rooting directionally and extended the circular pattern further than I normally did - Instead of having a 1" diameter spiral I made it 3", or something like that. Mine certainly isnโ€™t professional quality so obviously I am not qualified to give advise but thought that little tid bit wouldnโ€™t hurt. Good luck and keep at it. Youโ€™ll get it! :slight_smile: .

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Oh that looks awesome you did a great job Iโ€™m gonna start rooting Megan over the week end I will post a picture I think I have it not sure yet but Iโ€™m just gonna take my time an hopefully it comes out as good as yours :slight_smile:

Thank you I have watched a few on you tube Iโ€™m gonna try rooting Megan with the swirl she didnโ€™t come out as good as I wanted but
Precious gift an Lucy there undertones an skin tones I really like the way they are looking im gonna post a picture I drew the lines on her head Iโ€™m just gonna have to take my time an hopefully find what works for me I appriciate any advice thanks again