Presley Asleep going to school

I’m so excited to share this. My grandson is in the 1st grade and has invited me to come to his class as a “special Guest” and talk about my reborning hobby. I’m taking Presley along with a video and scrapbook. I don’t know who’s more excited…him or I.


Awww! Have fun!

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What a sweet grandson you have to invite you to his class to share. You are going to have fun!


Thank you! He loves my dolls. He seems fascinated because (to him) they look more real than other dolls he’s seen. He can’t seem to figure out how I do that :smile::smile::smile:

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Sounds like fun.

What a sweet grandson you have—the children will love seeing and learning about this hobby, the stories they will have to tell the\ir Moms when they get home-----can’t you just hear those conversations !!


LOL! Yeah, something like “Johnny’s grandma makes babies…and then she sells them!” :wink:


What wonderful fun. Enjoy your day.

Oh ‘show and tell’ ! I bet you have a ball. Enjoy!

Oh no…I hadn’t thought about that. Oh well :flushed:

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Sounds like so,much fun!

I taught preschool for 14 years and can’t wait to hear what the children have to say about your baby! Have fun and enjoy your day with your sweet grandson!

Well show and tell is over and I don’t know who was more infatuated…the girls, the boys or the teacher. The boys asked as many questions as the girls did and everyone HAD to hold the baby. The look on my grandson’s face was priceless. I could tell he was very proud of me and so happy to share me and my baby with his class. That was the best part of all.


Glad it went really well! I’m sure you’re grandson is very proud of you!!

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WOW…I bet he is SO proud and excited!!! The kids will LOVE it!!!

My preschooler went to school and told the class my mom makes babies all day. That was an interesting phone call from the school i had to explain what it was she was talking about


Btw your Presley is so adorable

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Thank you so much. I’m glad I bought 2 Presleys asleep because my grandchildren have fallen in love with this one and won’t let me sell him. I’ll have to sneak the other one past them.

So sweet!! haven’t done mine yet.

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That is so fun and your Presley is adorable!