Presley aleep, round two?

I missed it again. I got an email saying there were more kits, but I missed him again. :frowning:

I think he looks jut like my daughter… what do you think?


This is what Nevin said:

We will still be having approximately another 150 Presley Asleep put on the website in order to fill the release of 1500, but those will probably not be put on until sometime in November. We won’t even have them in our warehouse until then.

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Your daughter is beautiful. How old is she now? What did you name her?

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Yes, she is gorgeous, but I would have thought she looks more like Asher :smile:

Wow, she is cute! And I was admiring the coloring too! Guess God knew what He was doing!

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What a beautiful baby. Looks so much like Asher to me.

Thanks for the compliments, she keeps me busy. I looked at Asher, he has a turned up nose.

Sign up for notification when Presley Asleep goes up again. There should be under 100 kits released to make up for the shortage on the original 1500 due to defects. You might get lucky.

OH REALLY?!? Whoop whoop. Pia, you always have the best insider information.