Premixing Paint and Storage?


Does anyone here have a recipe of color that you use and because of that you make a whole bunch of it to use on multiple kits? How do you store it? Do you add thinner to it and keep it in a glass jar? Or Something? lol! Thanks!


I have a couple of washes, flesh tones, and mottling colors that I use frequently. I store them on glass jars, already mixed with thinner. I use empty glass spice jars with lids, that I’ve washed thoroughly. I have to mix them well and some times I have to add a bit more thinner before I use it, but it’s always worked well for he.


And they keep well like this? they dont get clumpy or anything?


I keep my washes in a glass jar. They don’t dry out even after weeks. Really helps with my consistency when I have to stop in the middle of making a baby


I wash empty small garlic jars and use to store some of my washes and paints. They keep well for weeks. They do have thinner in them.


Can it be plastic bottles? Like squeeze bottles? Or will the thinner affect the plastic?


I don’t think so because I notice if I leave thinner in my plastic bottle it evaporates over time.


I use plastic glad seal containers. Usually keeps for about a week. I use air dry though


I notice that my paint seems to have a negative effect on plastic. When I use my plastic paint palette, it warps over time. So does the plastic lid I keep over the palette while painting. Although I keep thinner in a small plastic squeeze bottle and it’s always been fine, so I don’t know.


No plastic I tried and some plastic was damaged because of the thinner


i use glass babyfood jars also the ones bb sells got a bunch when they had them for 10 cents


Word of advice regarding paint storage. When using Genesis. Store them somewhere that doesn’t get top hot or too cold

One of my back bedrooms gets hotter than the rest of my house. And that really messed up my paint.


I keep all of my washes and and frequently used mottling colors in glass spice jars I found at Ikea. They never dry out or change consistency. I had them mounted on my wall to save space on my work desk buI got new work station for christmas so now i just have them on my table for now. There are 4 jars in a set for under 3 bucks and the shelf holds 6 jars.

Here’s the link to the jars & mountable shelf


All the paints that i use i premix them with thinner and store them in small baby food size mason jars that i found at Goodwill!! Its awesome cuz the paint and thinner is always available and stays good for a long time


i saw these on the ikea website and had ideas running through my head haha!


I have them and love them!


They’re great right!
And I mean the price can’t be beat. I was pleasantly surprised when I first got them. For the price, I assumed they’d be cheap feeling thin glass, but they aren’t at all.