Premium very long fawn blond wavy/curly mohair FS Todder?

Hi, I have just processed a total of two oz of this beautiful long fawn blond mohair. These locks are 8 to 10 inches some longer most locks fallinto the 9 10 inch length.
I think this hair would be great for a toddler kit but also works good for the smaller kits. I have included several pictures so you can see what this hair looks like. It is wavy/ curly but some locks have more crimp then others. I have put pictures of the hair with the most crimp so you will have an idea of what it will look like once rooted. The first rooted picture if if it wet down combed straight and left to dry. The next picture is of it wet down and left to dry. I only rooted a very small section on a practice head and it looks to have lots of curl. I thik though once a whole head is rooted it will be nice little ringlets. The picture of the baby at the bottom was rooted with this same hair and same color and as you can see once the whole head is rooted the curl is just a nice lose curl.
I have four 1/2 bags of this beautiful hair for sale 20.00 for each 1/2 oz shipped in the US or you can buy it by the full oz at 34.oo shipped in the US. I also have .4 oz of this same fiber dyed a medium brown and am selling it for 18.00 shipped in the US.
Paypal only no E-checks.
PM me if interested. I have lost more of this fiber so if you want a different color I can do that also.
Thanks for reading,

Baby done using this same fiber and color.

.4 oz medium brown

Pm’d you

1 once of the fawn has sold . Remeber I can process this in any color you need.

hmmmmm some dark brown can be done maybe???