Premium super soft silky black curly mohair SOLD TY

I just processed this beautiful black curly mohair. It is so soft and silky Perfect for those AA babies.
I have two 1/2 oz bags for 20.00 ech shipped in the US and I have one . Insurance is 1.75 more.

PM me if interested.
Paypal only no E-checks or holds please.
have a wonderful weekend,

I have some of your black and it’s so silky!!

That’s the mohair you processed for me? OMG it is SO soft,
I LOVE it!!! I’m going to start rooting tomorow (hopefully)
Girls,if your doing an AA baby, like I am,this is perfect.I might just have to snap it up for myself I HOARD

Thanks ladies, I am glad you like the black, I agreee it is very soft and sliky.

The .7 oz bag is now pending.

.7 oz gone but I still have two 1/2 oz bags left.

I am using it now!!! Wonderful.Sorry ladies,you had your chance!
now it’s all mine

Thanks Debra,

I will ship it to you tomorrow.