Premium slightly wavy mohair for sale


Medium rich brow is sold but still have the dark brown. I added betterbpics of the dark brown.

I just processed this gorgeous mohair in slightly wavy. I have two lots in dark brown and two lots in medium rich brown. There is just one shade difference in color once rooted. I took a picture of both colors rooted wet down and combed straight so you could see how straight it can be combed.
This fiber is yearling but to me seems fiber and softer more like second clip kid. It is slightly wavy and once rooted should be fairly straight. This came from a champion goat so price is a tiny bit more then my normal yearling cause I had to pay twice as much to get it. It is 8 to 10 inches long and super soft and silky.
Price will be next to each lot. International shipping will be more.
Here is a pic of both colors rooted so you can see how straight it can be.

Dark brown
First lot is .06oz 40.00 + 3.00 US shipping

Second lot is .06 40.00 + 3.00 US shipping.

Medium rich brown

First lot is 1/2 oz 35.00 shipped in the US this one is sold.

2nd lot is .06 oz 40.00 + 3.00 US shipping in the US SOLD

Please pm me if you would like some.


Medium brown is sold but still have the dark brown. :slight_smile:


Bump for edit of better pictures of the dark brown