Premium medium ash brown very long wavy/curly Sold Thanks

Hi, I just processed almost three oz of this beautiful long mohair for a custom order. Only problem is the color she wanted was light brown and for some reason this dye dyed it medium brown instead of light brown so now I will need to dye another batch for her. This hair is super soft and silky and very long. Most locks are 8 to 9 inches with some a bit longer. It is wavy to curly and once rooted gives a nice lose curl. This hair is perfect for the toddler dolls or if doing a small kit the locks can be cut inhalf and you get way more use out of it.

I have 6 1/2 oz bags at 20.00 for each half oz shipped in the US and I have
Paypal only no E-checks. Will also be willing to sell by the whole oz at 34.00 per 1 oz shipped in the US.
PM me if interested,
medium brown

Hi Carolyn,

Just wondering what you have for mohair right now…sent you an email too…


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