Premium long mohair for those toddler dolls

Hi, I just got my new fiber in and it is beautiful and long. I think it would be very nice hair for those toddler kits because it is 7 to 8 inches in length. If yo root from the cut end like in the pictures belwo then you will see that is a good length for the toddler kits.
It is nice hair for the other kits too but sence it is so long I thought I would see if any one wants me to process it for their toddler kits.
In this fiber I have both wavy to curly and curly. It is white in color so I can dye it baby blond, fawn blond, light brown. Medium brown, medium rich brown, dark brown, brown/black, or black. Price is 20.00 for each 1/2 oz shipped in the US or 34.00 for each full oz of the same color shipped. International would be 3.00 more for shipping.
If you woudl like me to process you some it will take me 3 to 5 days to get it combed out and dyed depending on how many orders I get.
If you want to order you will need to pay when you order as I have had people order and then once I have it done they change their mind and no longer want it.

Her are some picture of the undyed fiber so you can see the type of wave or curl It has. Each set of the pictures showes one pic with it rooted wet and combed as straight as it will go and the second picture shows it rooted wet down and scrunched and left to dry so you can see the amount of wave or curl.

paypal payment only and please no E-checks as they take to long to clear.

Let me know if I can process any for you and thanks for reading my long post.

Me, me,me, I am doing Emma soon, let me know how much I need to buy and how much I need to pay you… LOL
CArmen in nj

Wooo Hooo!!! Sent you an email…I’m in!!!

Would I need 1.5oz or 2oz to do toddler Adrainna? I would like a nice medium blond.


Bump, getting more of this fibeer in this weekend.

Just got mine, VERY HAPPY with it…
thanks girl…
Carmen in nj