Preferred Air dry paints

So it’s been a minute (well actually a lot longer but anywaayy) since I’ve painted a reborn and I’m wondering what is the current preferred brand of air dry paints in the community currently? Ghsp aren’t an option at all because of health concerns, and I’m not too worried about mixing my own colors! What do you like about certain paints? What do you hate? How do they work for ethnic babies?

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I don’t use air dry but a lot of people do, they should be on soon to help!
@RebornsbyZebra @Leabelle both use air dry

I don’t know what is the prefered brand but I use Golden paint and mediums and love them. Bright colors with no fading, no stickiness, affordable.
I also like RebornFX for almost the same reason. I use some of their premix colors, emulsion, primer and varnish.
Beside that I have used Luminaire (don’t remember why I don’t like them), Liquitex (paint is good but dislike the medium), Ultimate Fusion (beading and red fading).

I also use whatever quality artist grade paint with Golden medium. The medium do it all I think.

With the golden paints which type of paints do you prefer? like the heavy body, or the high flow or fluid acrylics? Also out of curiosity what’s the cheapest place you’ve found for them?

I use the fluid. Mor easy to dilute.
As for the place I buy, I am in Canada. I buy them in a store called Hachem, not sure how big this chain is.
Michael is too expensive.
MacPherson have a fair price too.

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Blicks has them on sale currently, and so does michaels actually but I’ll probably shop around and see. What are your favorite mediums by them? What do you dilute with? Sorry for all the questions but it’s been long enough that most things have changed, I just realized it’s been almost five years since I’ve bought a kit or really given this much attention.

Also if you don’t mind me asking what are your favorite shades and colors? Is it a little goes a long way type of pigmented acrylic where 1 oz is more than enough for basically forever?

:grinning: happy to help !

Different color have different price.
I use matt fluid medium. And water. Sometime I use a retarder (for creases).

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I use the primary method mostly with cobalt blue, ultramarine blue, cadmium red, and primary yellow. I use dioxide purple, burnt and raw umber, yellow ochre, teal, phtalo green, titan buff, black.
I use RebornFx lip and blush and some of their crease colors.

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Thank you for answering all my questions, I’m excited to try my hand at reborning again! So many new techniques have been created and I’m super excited about it again

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Have fun ! :smile:

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I don’t think there’s one preferred brand. I use miracle blend, but they’ve been discontinued. Other than that I use Amsterdam, they’re similar to Liquitex but available in the Netherlands.

I only use GHSP but my sister, @starlasims just listed a bunch of air dry paints for sale on this forum if you’re interested.

I’m just starting, but after doing a lot of reading here (I searched “air dry”) I went with Liquitex. The posts about Liquitex specifically mention the hard and soft body paints. Because I’m painting babies just for myself and eventually to donate, not for sale and I have a very tight budget, I went with the Liquitex Basics line. According to the company they’ve got the same pigments, and can actually be interchanged with the hard & soft body paints. I got the 48 color set, the Flow Medium, and the Matte Liquid Medium. Even with a 40% off all purchases coupon from Michaels they were still cheaper from Amazon. So far I’m very happy with them. I’ve used the cheap craft paint for years for other projects, and there’s definitely a difference between that paint and the Liquitex Basics. The LB colors are clearly deeper and richer, and the paint itself has a thicker feel, so while it might not be professional level paint, it’s nice paint.

I use Liquitex Professional Soft Body and Hard Body. I mix a little LIquitex Ultra Matte Gel with the paints to help keep shine down. I only use distilled water to thin them. That’s it. The Professional grade is less likely to fade over time. I seal with one coat of Golden Polymer Matte Varnish w/UVLS for the UV protection and a final coat of Americana Soft Touch Varnish. I add a little cornstarch to both and apply it thinly with a soft brush. I don’t like to pounce it because it leaves too much texture for my liking. I’ve been using Liquitex for several years and I really like the results I get. You can see some of my babies in Snugglebuns Nursery on if you want to see what you think. I really like that I can just go buy them at Michael’s so no waiting or shipping cost. I started with LDC paints, available at and found those to be high quality as well. I do not recommend Luminaire paints, which I also tried, although a few people use them. I painted a toddler with them and the paint came off while I was rooting, even after curing for 3 weeks and had to strip the entire doll and re-do it. I was not happy. I had followed the directions to the letter. Customer Service was nonexistent. They would not respond in any way. I tossed those paints and never used them again.

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I use Liquitex soft body with Golden paints with air brush medium by Golden. I seal them in with GHS matte varnish :blush:

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I use art and magic waterborne air dry. They are pretty cheap, $1 for a small 1/2 dram bottle or $3 for the big 1 oz bottles. They have premixed colors and other colors to mix your own. I like em, little goes along way. I started this brand with the starter set for $30 for 9 colors and 3 mediums and still have over 3/4 each bottle or more.

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My preference is the Liquitex professional grade paints and I also use Golden fluid paints. My process is similar to jeanhai’s, but as you go along you will find a method that works best for you. For these paints I love that they are nice and creamy which allows them to flow evenly onto the vinyl. I can get a nice smooth skin appearance with them especially when doing ethnic babies. Here are 2 examples of ones that I have done with ethnic skin tones.
I am wishing you the best of luck and hope you enjoy your experience.


Ooo, I was going to go with UF-- I definitely don’t want beading or fading. I’m glad I read this before I bought the paints. I’m going to look into Golden :smiley:


You can try, a lot of people seem to like them !

I also use Golden fluid paints…I switched from Liquitex soft body and JoSonja. I also use a bit of RebornFX.