Preemie Harley now on Ebay!

If you would like to take a peek here is my tiny little Harley Tate!

He is very precious. The name Harley sounds like a big burly guy and he’s a tiny little preemie. I love it! BTW did you know that the music on your auction is not working? It kind of gets stuck. Maybe it’s just my computer. Who knows.

What a tiny cutie you have!!! He almost makes me cry when I see him crying!!! Hopefully his mommy will find him and make him happy again. And yes the music is stuck for me too. BOL!!!

Thank you so much for your in-put…do appreciate! As far as the music goes have had multipal people check. Seems to work great for most, but guess it just depends on how much ram, and age of your computer, and server? With my sister it does the same thing kinda wants to bleep in and out…Everone else I know with newer computers and high speed it seems to do just fine. Guess that is a down fall to adding music as this is already a hugh file with all the pics.
Thanks so much