Prediction of when sellout of presley awake will occur?

Continuing the discussion from Presley Asleep Available on Monday!:

I am going to guess that Presley will sell out in 30 days! (fingers crossed).

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I’m going to say 10 days. I hope not though.

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I think he will sell out the first day in a few hours time.


Nevin just posted on another thread that the sale will begin just after midnight MDT (9/15).

There is a bit of a difference between people wanting one for nothing and buying one :slight_smile: So I would not panic.

But, it would be nice if limit of 1 or 2 was put on for at least couple of days, so the ordinary reborners could get them before the retailers snatch them by dozens.


That’s what I am hoping for so people can’t just come on here and buy 100 of them just to sell for a profit. I really hope I can get one to reborn, tomorrow morning when I get up at 6.

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That’s great, Michelle!! :smiley:

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If BB started with 1500 kits, they’ve sold about 600 in the last 40 minutes. I know because I literally put all the kits in my cart (about 1,200 at 2:10 - down to 914 at this time), and I’m watching the countdown. Why, you ask? Because it’s 2:43 am and my brain is fried! LOL

I think the kit will sell out today (Monday).

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That’s too funny!

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Well all the Presley’s are in my cart. Every time I look in my cart, there are fewer Presley’s in it. Down to 908 at a mere $72,594.60 + shipping!!

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Yes, where can you see it?

In my cart. All the Presley’s are in my cart! - 898 now!

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It’s showing less than 700 now.

Are you kidding? You’ve seriously been accused of monopolising this conversation by a computer programme? Ahahahahaha


I got the note on a thread because i was doing the majority of the posting and I guess the computere wanted me to think about shutting up so someone else could jump in and chat!

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That’s what I wonder, maybe @EmilyBB can explain.

I tried from the stroke of 12, and was not able to get through until about 10 minutes past; so wonder how many people got in before me - not that it matters… My confirmation email arrived at 4. 26 pm = 12.26 Salt Lake City time.

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I got one also, I think. I got my PayPal confirmation but BB confirmation email hasn’t come through yet. Usually it’s right away.

I’m with you. He’ll be sold out by the end of the day.

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OKay, this wasn’t bad. I got up and fed the pets, made my hot tea and curled my hair. Then I remembered the sale starts today and I just logged on and bought 2. Woo hoo!

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Until now, he still available… I wonder how many kit left ?