Precious Gift, 1st reborn. Advice please! Pic heavy


Here is my first reborn, Precious Gift! I named her Kathryn:) I would love feedback and constructive criticism! My goal is to get better and better, so please, I want to hear it all! If you don’t want to post advice publicly could you send me a PM? I definitely need to work on my eyebrows, but I like the capillaries I painted on her eyelids and face. I had a hard time with the swirl, and rooting takes forever! I did a combination of mono rooting and micro rooting. I need to work on my lighting when I take pictures, and figure out how to use my camera better. I do have to say, I love this art and I don’t ever want to stop!

Oh, I used the Jacqueline Kramer DVD’s and I love them! There were things she did that I could not figure out how to do, so I had to improvise a bit. I also used @Rainbowbabies Mohair, it’s wonderful to use! I practiced rooting on a test arm with the cheap stuff, you can definitely tell a difference in how it feels and roots. Also, everyone on this board has been a huge help! I’ve ruined 2 other kits (technically 3 since I stripped a kit and ruined it again!) and have painted another reborn who is waiting to be rooted, and I have relied very much on the advice and posts on this board. I’ve learned so much from you all, and will keep learning from you, thank you!


That’s a really nice first baby!

I cannot critique because PRECIOUS GIFT!!! :heart_eyes: My all time fave kit :blush:


I think it’s perfect! But I’m just a collector not an artist :slight_smile:


First Baby is a great first baby.Keep up the good work.


Really great first baby! You got good “fresh baby” skin tones and a great lip color, her brows are realistic, and I love how sparsely you rooted her hair. The only think I would suggest is using Flesh 8 for nail tips instead of white so they aren’t quite so bright. Good job!!!


How cute! I like the pink nose, and love the capillaries on the eyes and forehead! Like the dewy skin texture.

Things I would PERSONALLY do differently (but that’s just me) are:
Use a straiter mohair.
Make the nails less starkly pink (tho some people love curly curly hair and adorable baby french manicure, so that is just my personal opinion)


I love your first baby and wouldn’t change a thing she is really nice, I lover her hair!


Hi Lisa, I think you have done a great job on your first baby. If I could make any kind of suggestion it would be: You could lay your eyebrows down a little bit more, not have them quite so straight up, but that is all I see that could even be remotely close to needing a little tweaking. Your baby is precious and you should keep your first one so you can see your progress as you go along on your journey. Very nicely done, you should be real proud of yourself!!


She looks great, thats really an impressive first baby ;).


Beautiful first baby, I’m new and I only hope that I can get my babies to look as good as yours. Keep up the lovely work!!!


This is a very nice first baby. Way better than mine was! :grin:


I think you did an amazing job on her- would never guess it was your first baby.
Well done!


Great job!! I think she’s an awesome first baby. I like her baby hair You should have seen mine. She looked like one of the Beatles. Lol


Fantastic job well done.


Great job :slight_smile:


Beautiful baby; beautiful job. My first several were horrible…I can see now. You really did an amazing job.


You did an amazing job! Love it!! Definitely keep this first one. May I post photos and your name in my customer gallery? :blush:


Thank you all SO much! For the compliments and the critiques! I’m writing all of the suggestions down to remember them and try the tips. This board is so awesome!!

@Rainbowbabies - Yes please!! Would you like me to email you pictures? I took a bunch more that I didn’t post on this site:) Would you also be willing to include my website? It’s under construction still, but will be up and running soon. It’s


Yes, yes! I love to promote fellow artists!


Wonderful first baby!!! Very newborny. The hair reminds me of my nephew’s when he was brand new and the nails look just like my last baby’s did.

You should be very proud of your first baby!