Pre-painted Binki...just parts

Here’s a few pictures I took this morning, with flash, of Binki. He’s just posed with stuffed clothes, so you have to use your imagination some.
He’s darker in person because the flash washed him out. The last picture is a little truer shade.





He’s cute. Those will make great presents for children!

This is the premade Binki and you recieved it already? That was fast.
It doesnt look like he has too much paint on his palms or findgernails or around his mouth. Are those parts painted?
Is there enough hair?
Cnat wait to see my monkeys.
Marlene do you live close enough that you go pick up your orders?

Mine came today too…wow is that the hardest head I have ever felt!!!
They must have rooted with a hammer and nails!!!

He is cute though, he is for my son and he likes him…perfect for a kid, not collector

"Marlene do you live close enough that you go pick up your orders? "

Some of us Utah people live close enough to pick up orders, but they do not allow it for insurance reasons. They are a warehouse, not set up for customer traffic. It’s too bad though. It would save a lot of money!

I toyed with the idea of adding a little paint, like the mouth & the hands & feet, but I thought what the heck, my grand daughter wouldn’t even notice the difference if they were side by side!
I agree, not really good enough for collectors, but they’ll be great for kids, & that is why I bought them.

Ya, it would be nice if I could pick up from BB, I only live a couple of miles away, & it would save shipping money. I order one day & have the merchandise the next day, so that’s nice.


By the way, I don’t think the hair has been sealed inside. I’m gonna seal mine even if they have been, but it must be some light glue…I guess if I tug on some hair I will know for sure if they are sealed. LOL

Not bad for $30.

The kits must be made out of a softer vinyl. Wonder if this was a boo boo or thought out carefully?

Oh my goodness, they are adorable My daughter’s gonna love her little monkey. They are painted alot better than I was thinking. I’m so excited, can’t wait to get my Binki & Bindi

I’m in Tn and I got mine today too. all of the deal of the days, I am getting on the second day of ordering…lightning fast if you ask me.

I got mine today as well and I live in New England. I love mine. He is painted just enough and rooted just enough and he does look good.
The eyes were inserted that way as to give him a little downward glance, not looking straight at you. I like mine this way.
He’s cuter than a stuffed toy.
I have paid a lot more for my bears than I paid for this.
He does look different than the Bindy I painted and made, but I do not suppose all monkeys in the wild look just alike, either.

Here is a picture of mine all put together. I have to make him some clothing now.

He can take a real passi, too

Angelsincraddles…what did you use for the body…they were out of bodies when I ordered my prepainted Binkie…did you make it? if so what size did you use?