Pre painted bindi binki

has anyone got their pre painted bindi or binki kits in yet , i just wondered what you think about them, i think they would make awsome gifts for christmas for the grandkids. i know that i could never have the patience to create one of these from scratch, anybody that has must have great painting skills i would think. i would love one that i could afford customized but ebay is not doing so good lately for dolly money hope fully it will pick up for christmas also show pictures when you have them together. thanks marlene

I will get mine in on Saturday but the bodies are out of stock so I will have to have one made some time soon. It will be for my sister for her 12th birthday on November 20th so I have to get the monkey done soon lol.

I order them, but I did Binki the first of the summer and I had just started reborning. there was no turtorial so I just looked at the prototyped and winged it. It was no harder than the babies for me.There is a place on ebay that has the bodies for 10.95 they won’t be as good as BB . Everone fell in love with the Binki I did. they have some flannel at Walmart with little monkey’s on it and I’m trying to make a little diaper set out of it for him. They also have some fleece just like it. It’s yellow with little brown Monkeys on it, Both have the same design. I will try to post pictures next week, of the ones I ordered and the first one I did if I get them put togather.

Have A blessed Day,
Patricia Ann

I expect my Binky to arrive today. In the past I get things very quickly from BB and I love their service.
I have been painting a Bindi kit I bought and I have taken my time and put a lot of work into her. She is almost ready to be rooted. I use air dry paint so I wait for it to cure well, it is worth the extra effort to take my time.
Some are going to use a furry fabric to make the body, that way the monkey can wear anything. I am using the body that goes with the kit for mine.
I think getting these for children as Christmas gifts is such a great idea. When I was young I always wanted a monkey, I forget what his name was but it was the stuffed monkey with the yellow shirt, red overalls, and white baby shoes on. My mother never thought I needed that. Kids love monkeys.
But I am keeping these for myself. I have grandchildren but they are a little young and not only that, I love having the chance to have these monkeys in my collection. It is refreshing to me that I did not have to shell out an arm and a leg to get them.
Depending on what Binky looks like when he gets here, I do not know if I will want to “tweak” him or not. How bad could he be, really? Monkeys are cute but they are not “beautiful” to start with. If he needs enhancing, it might only be a little blush or something here and there.

I can’t wait to see actual photos of them when you all get them.

i wonder if anyone out there sews and could make the bodys for these guys in a brown fluffy material, it may sell very well to finish these little guys off , just a suggestion as i dont think there is anythink like that out there,could be a chance to make a little extra dolly money JMO
hugs marlene

I got my Bindi yesterday, no body yet. Binki is lost in the mail hopefully he’ll come tomorrow but I just love her, her painting is very nice, I couldn’t paint her that well & she has lots of hair too. I can take a pic if you like but she’s just adorable My daughter is gonna just love her on x-mas morning.

pics would be great thank you very much i would love to see them.
hugs marlene