Pray for those in danger of Hurricane Florence


I hope it slows down once it impacts. We’re freaking out over here.


Same! I’m on vacation now but still live there idk haven’t heard it was coming this way however… idk pray for the best I guess


I am sure it will slow down when it hits land. They always do (at least to my knowledge they always do). I think the flooding is such a terrible thought for the NE that has had so much already. I pray you will all be safe. Please don’t try to ride out anything.


Sending many prayers to all in the path of hurricane Florence. Last year Irma hit us hard in Florida and Maria in Puerto Rico, thankfully all my family members and friends were ok. It was very hard not hearing from them for over two weeks in Puerto rico. I pray for all.


Slowing is actually a bad thing for the south but it’s looking like it will stay in the eastern southern states. I hope and pray that many took proper precautions.


What do you mean you’re surrounded by hoodrats?


I live in NC on lake Norman and I’m worried what I’m going find when we get back from vacation. We live right on the water and on a peninsula. Last time a regular storm blew through we lost power and trees fell down everywhere totaling a few cars. Something about bro g directly on the water can be brutal in stormy weather. There are no trees to break the wind . My fur babies are being boarded thank goodness.


My uncle has a house in Lusby, MD. Solomon’s island. I hope it doesn’t hit that far up (or anywhere for that matter) if it stalls, that would be another Houston . My family is in Jersey now, pretty sure that whole area is sick and tired of all the rain it’s had this past summer.


It has literally rained here in MD non-stop since the start of summer. A lot of locations here tends to flood. I’m not sure how much we will be impacted here from the hurricance. The hurricane has weakened quite a bit but it GREW in size. They are saying roughly 2-6 inches of rain so areas may have more some less.


Disregard my comment please. I had an appointment yesterday and the people there were awful. I’m going to delete that. It wasn’t appropriate.


I’m pretty close to where @specialmoments is, and it definitely floods pretty easily here too. The bad thing is that this summer has been very weird. It has been raining, sometimes for weeks on end, all summer long. The ground is saturated, so it won’t take much to flood if this thing pushes upwards a bit. My house would probably be okay, but parts of the general area would not be.