Pray for those in danger of Hurricane Florence


As we remember the victims of 9/11 today we also need the pray for the people in the path of Hurricane Florence. I have a friend that lives in the direct path of this mighty force, and in-laws that live at Myrtle Beach. My friend has decided to leave tomorrow for 3 1/2 hrs. inland. From what I’ve heard this is the biggest hurricane since the 1950s. So many, many people need our prayers and support right now.


Yes major prayers I have so much family in the Carolinas and Virginia. Some have already evacuated to shelters and others choosing to ride out this storm. I pray for my loved ones and the loved ones of you guys as well!! :pray::pray::raised_hands:


Prayer to those in Florence’s path. Please leave if your are please talk others that you know into leaving. It’s a bad one.

They are sending help out already.


I’m in MD on the eastern side. The stores are already cleaned out of water and a lot of other food. We are currently in a State of Emergency and the beaches are being evacuated. Praying for those in the path of the storm.


These are the mandatory evacuations are. I live roughly in the area of the “X”.


Please say your leaving. You would be on the bad side if it goes as projected.


We are watching it very closely!! By tomorrow we should know how it will affect Eastern MD. I will definitely go if it is necessary!


Everyone get clear of there and stay safe.
Take your meds, food that doesn’t need refrigeration, enough water for everyone and flashlights and battery. And a radio that doesn’t need electricity! The poo is hitting the fan down there. Don’t become a statistic trying to protect your property or house. There’s only one you! Love and prayers to everyone dealing with this.


If you’re at risk, that means New York City is too. Hoping we don’t see a repeat of Sandy.


I know, I keep thinking about Sandy. Sandy was a 2 when she made landfall BUT WAS HUGE larger than Katrina (this one could be a 5 when it does)! I will always remember Sandy and Matthew.


Katrina was so bad only because a levee broken because it was hit by a barge and flooded everything. The governor would not let anyone in to New Orleans because it was unsafe from looters with guns people were dieing from lack of food and water and flooding. Now we have the Cajun Navy I don’t think it would be as bad. We learned from our mistakes. Everyone needs to help out.


Everyone is in my prayers for sure. I live in Florida and been through them. We haven’t left Only because we are 7 miles inland and we have a concrete and tile house. We are safer to stay than a shelter that has the same. Please leave if you are not safe. :pray:t3::heart:


Adding my prayers for people in the affected areas, and for all the workers already headed into the area to help with the clean up. My husband left today to be ready to restore power in the aftermath. I am very proud of him but always worry too.
I miss him already. I just completed my first reborn ever and already have about 6 kits stockpiled so guess I will start another to help pass time in the evenings. I do enjoy this forum and have learned a lot. I love everyone’s photos and hope I can be as good one day. :blush:


my niece is in charleston SC but evacuating to Atlanta.One big plus that came out of Katrina is many more human shelters now accept pets. There were so many people who wouldn’t or couldn’t leave because of their fur babies, which i absolutely understand. i get teary eyed just at the thought of it.


Prayers for all those in danger and all volunteers planning to help.


So true. We are no match for something as huge and dangerous as a hurricane. I say GO!


Thank you for sending him out!


I thought the same thing when @specialmoments said MD… @Theara what part of NY are u? (Not sure if I asked before I know there’s a couple of us NY’ers on here


New York City so I’m a little scared. We’re right in the Atlantic.


It’s tracking a little more south at the moment so more so going to impact the Carolinas and Georgia but once it’s goes to inland they aren’t sure.