Powders and kabuki type brush?

I have read several threads about powders, but all the links didn’t work due to how old the threads were. Does anyone have a suggestion on a good set of powders? Preferably budget friendly, I searched eBay and Amazon but so many choices! I found a 88 pallette of costal scents eyeshadow but idk if that’s right.
Also for kabuki brushes, I’ve seen some threads that say they are great, even with the price tag. I’ve found a knock off type set of 10 for around $12 but don’t know if there is a certain type needed. Any help greatly appreciated!

I haven’t used them myself, but I know people tend to use pan pastels now.

I’m not much help, but I recently bought individual pots of coastal scents (matte) directly from their website, although I have not used them yet. If I remember correctly, I caught them on sale 50% off. I think some artists still use them?
As far as brushes go, I think you can get a set on Amazon for a decent price. I already had a small hoard of makeup brushes that I use, and the couple I have purchased are the Wet 'N Wild brushes from Dollar Tree. I think the only stipulation would be that they haven’t been used for anything else? Hopefully someone will correct me if I am wrong. :grin:

I’ve used panpastels and coastal scents and I prefer the coastal scents because they blend better and are more easily correctable. If you order the individual pots from the website, they sometimes have sales where all pots are $1. I use makeup brush sets from five below if you have one of those in your area. Otherwise wish. com is a good source if you can wait a bit for them, or amazon also has some cheap ones that work well (I got a BS Mall set that’s good from amazon)

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The palette from Coastal Scents more than likely are not all matte. If not all matte the ones that aren’t will be too shiny.

I use some of the Coastal Scents and Panpastels for my ethnic babies and I use only panpastels for my caucasian babies. I use cheap kabuki brushes when I paint and when I varnish (I use airdry paints). I buy them on ebay, cheap Chinese ones, this way if I forget to wash them or they fall apart its not a big deal. The ones I have have really stood up to a lot of abuse and I rarely have to toss any of them.