Post your picture and where you live


I’m Sarah, I’m from willamette valley in Oregon!

I got into reborning when I was around ten or eleven (I’m seventeen now) while I was struggling with clinical depression, I’m not as involved as I’d like to be but reborning got me into lots of other art forms!


Okay what’s with the forum and posting stuff sideways lately?


So nice seeing all your beautiful faces! I cropped my pic hoping it won’t be sideways, but if it is, well…most of you probably already know me, anyway :smile: I live in Florida.


This is me, this morning…I have a phone reflection in my glasses, shows how adept I am at selfies :wink: . I live in France, north of Lyon. Im American but my husband is French and we moved here from California in 2010. I had five children, unfortunately I lost my first son in 2011 at age 24, he would have turned 30 this year and would have gotten a kick out of being an “old man”. I have three daughters ages 27, 25, and 12 and my second son is 15 I also have 2 beautiful grandsons age 3 and 1.
I started reborning about 7 months ago but did not touch my dolls all summer, I had to dust them off LOL. It seems lately I can’t get enough time for them.



My condolences to you. My middle son also died in 2011. I can sympathize .


Im sorry for your loss as well. There is nothing worse than losing your child.


Thank you. You are absolutely right!!


My name is Steffany of course! I’m 28, and from Maryland! I’m married with a beautiful 16 month old son. Just started reborning last month, and I’m LOVING it!!!


Doing some yoga in my backyard :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


So cool! I wanna porch with a swing (not that this is a swing but still!) :wink:


It does work as a swing and a hammock! :blush:it has a “seat.” I sir out there often and just swing… and imagine the roof crushing me lolol


Well it sounded relaxing… until that last part! LOL


That thing looks awesome, @jeepers! I can imagine it does amazing things for your back… How long do you hang like that?


Here I am! Emily from Long Island. :blush: First photo taken yesterday, at American Girl!


i’ll hang for a few minutes at a time, rest my brain, repeat, and mix it up with reaches all the way back, forth, mini push ups and crunches, then just swing upside down. make 2 fists and with my knuckles sort of massage/pull down my spine. i’ll also put hands flat on head and pull it downward as much as i can. i can feel it work out the compression in my spine. it’s the best thing i’ve ever done for lower back issues… and I’ve tried it all. and just generalized tension. it helps release everything that gravity does to our joints and muscles, etc. there are countless stretches and strengthening exercises you can do right side up too. it’s a fun workout.


I am on this post somewhere, lol!

That first pic is not me it is our beautiful @izzy


I waited a while to post because I was afraid my photo would break everyone’s computers. But here I am just after getting back from a fun ride in my tiny little 2002 red Miata. Wearing a blue hat because we live in Lexington Ky and being a part of the Big Blue Nation is my way of supporting Kentucky basketball!
My kids are all 3 grown and on their own, so it’s just me and my DH here. We do have a mini zoo though of fur,feather and finned babies: a long-haired dachshund, a grey parrot and a ton of koi and big goldfish in a pond beside our patio. I’ve been a crazy doll lady for about 4 years and love it!


You are very pretty, beautiful eyes! @2layz


I live in NW Pennsylvania with my hubby of 25yrs, 11YO DD, 20YR DS, 2 dogs and 1 cat!! Lovely to see everyone :wink:


I would love to have a dolly meet up! I’m in Atlanta. We should all get together