Post your picture and where you live


I can imagine. My grandson is 2 n boy does he keep me on my toes.


I’d love that!!


Hi @Tashaj I’m from Blackpool but living in Germany.


You are beautiful young lady.


Awwwww thank you so much :blush::blush::blush:


Living in OKC.
Super sunny today! Started reborning about 1-1/2yrs ago.

The King and Queen of OKC–ok,just me and my hubby of 30 yrs.

Our kids-this past year and on my daughter’s 1 day old birthday.


I’m from Gresham, Oregon. Currently living in Petaluma, California for college!!


That’s a great idea.


Hi, I’m Annie . A little about myself. I live in Joplin, MO. I have been married to the same wonderful man for 36 years. We had one son Nathan that died last Nov in a house fire. I had reborn 2 dolls probably 7 years ago and I am just now getting back into it. Nice to meet you all!!!


you’re gorgeous!! Welcome back to the hobby :slight_smile:


I am Shellie, live in central PA


Hi! I’m Becky and live in Alabama with my banjo on my knee…funny? I hope… I try to bring smiles to everybody’s face :slight_smile:

Lol…hubby and I don’t feel safe putting our pictures on social media (long story)


Hope I did this right…
Angie here, currently residing in Tennessee with my husband and three children.


You are beautiful!


@missannie2 I am so sorry for your loss x

I look forward to seeing your future reborn babies :slight_smile:


Thank you (humble) and likewise


My condolences


Thank you


This is me. I live in GA.


I don’t know why it’s sideways lol