Post your picture and where you live


It’s nice meeting other moms with a little army of kids in here. Not many people around here with a lot of kids. I get so many dirty looks in the store and the kids were even be having lol


Lol! Little army, I love that :joy: I just ignore the looks, and if someone tells me, you have your hands full, I smile and say, yep! Better than empty!


This is me with my youngest who is actually the reason I got into reborning. I am new to the craft and am still working on my first baby. We live in PA but I was raised in MD.I have 4 girls. My oldest just turned 24 a day ago.She received her masters degree in May and just purchased a house a month ago. She is 4 hours away now and I miss her lots. My other 3 are ages 14,11, and 9. The yougest keeps me busy with running her 5 days a week to gymnastics. I work nights 3 days a week at a residential girls home for teens who are pregnant or have babies.


Here’s a more recent picture of me.
I’m from Houston Texas and I’ve been reborning for 3 years now.


I live in Laurel, Mississippi. I have 3 grown sons and 1 grown daughter, 7 grandchildren, and 1 great grand child.


I have 4 little folks, 13, 12, and 9 year old boy girl twins. I am retired military and have been married for 17 years. I’m originally from Florida hence to user name and decided to live in Dayton because it was where I both started and ended my Military career. I got into reborning because I stumbled across them looking for something else on the internet and have be dabbling for about a year.


hAHAHAHA! I get that comment when I only have my older 3 with me!?

I reply “Yep, and 2 more stayed at home with Daddy!” and walk off.


Lol!!! :joy:


Nya I hope you and your family fared well with hurricane Harvey and the flooding!


Lolol mine too!


I currently live in Minnesota, but in a couple months I’m moving to northern Georgia! I’m excited to see so many Georgia people here :slight_smile: I just started reborning a few weeks ago.


At least you are young…You should see the looks I get because along with my 3 there is usually at least one grandchild with me… I mean, I will be forever young…but…well…lol


My real name is Rebecca and I live in Charlotte, NC (although I’m literally within sight of South Carolina!). I’m an elementary school special education teacher and a single mom to an amazing 8 year old daughter. I’ve been reborning for about 10 months.


We did okay! Thanks! That means a lot


Me and my husband Johnny. We live on the Oregon Coast :slight_smile:


Omg…so many beautiful ladies with their beautiful families :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes: love love LOVE seeing other reborn mommies and aunties!!!


This is the most recent picture I have of myself (me and my husband), taken at our son’s birthday party. I live in Georgia.


Oh, and it’s so nice to ‘meet’ everyone! :slight_smile:


Wow all us Georgia people should have a get together of some sort!


@Msmimi04 hank you and YES,they do keep me very busy lol.
@Estelle85 LOL