Post your picture and where you live


My name is Jenni and I am a stay at home mom of 5 - ages: 14, 11, 7, 4, 3. The 4 year old is our only boy. Been married to my Hubby for almost 13 years. Reborning for almost 2 years. I think this was in May… taking a selfie in the car waiting for my oldest before one of our fast trips to Oregon.
We currently live in Caldwell, Idaho.

Oh here’s a newer one with my oldest at ROSE 2017 (she was loving the heeled boots making her taller than me!) lol


This is me…Phyllis Schomaker originally from St. Louis, Missouri and living in rural Barnett, Missouri for the past 15 yr. I’ve been reborning for about 2 years now.


That’s me and my adorable daughter!!!

We are in the sunshine state, Florida!!!


This was in June, in Disneyland Paris.
I live in the south of the Netherlands.

I feel like such a child compared to everyone else here, haha.


Oh so awesome!!!


This is me with my two sons and their children - taken on Christmas Day this past year at my SIL’s house in WI. It was the first Christmas I had with them since 2009. I live in Northern California.



I’m Melanie, im originally from Massachusetts, but have lived in Connecticut, Florida and now i live in Tennessee. I have been reborning off and on for about 3 yrs. Please excuse my picture, i work overnights at walmart and i have not been to bed yet…so please excuse the circles under my eyes…lol


Hi I’m Leigh from Southern Illinois. Proud mom of kids 10,6,4,2 and 1. This is a very rare moment where I’m wearing makeup lol. I look dead without it!


Gorgeous babies!


Thank you!


You all are beautiful!!!

I’m Kirsten (pronounced Keeersten). I live in San Antonio, TX- from Alaska originally. Two real babes of my own (2 & 5) and a super amazing hubby who supports my doll making habit and mohair business venture :blush: Well, emotionally supports. I work more than full time as a high school art teacher! Haha


Yes, I had a table. I will be there in FL next year teaching the air dry painting class. I won’t have a booth but I may be helping in MacPherson’s booth some.


That’s awesome!


I love this thread! I love putting faces with the names.


I’m in sunny South Florida. I’ve only been reborning for about 5 months now. I have my hands full with my boys (5yrs old and 2yr old twins) so it’s a miracle that I even get any reborning done lol. They’re so use to seeing my kits in the house that when a box comes in the mail, they automatically ask “mommy is that baby doll” lol


Pretty, wow twin 2 year old twin boys. I know they keep you busy.


I’m tammy - live in wild wonderful West Virginia in a tiny little country town. This is me with the family at Disney this summer


My name is Joyce Angel , I live in Layton UT :night_with_stars:


We went to Disney this summer too … when were you there !?


June for my grand baby’s 5 th birthday :slight_smile: