Post your picture and where you live


I am Katie and I live in New Bedford, MA
I have been reborning for about 7 and a half years
This is my youngest child and only redhead Violet
I have 2 boys and 2 girls and one due in March


Hi I’m Denise I’ve been reborning since 2005. This is me back in January on vacation. I live in South Georgia


Always a small world lol


I LOVE redhead babies…she is gorgeous :heart_eyes:


What! I am so excited for you! Congratulations!


Ya’ll are precious! Awww, and congrats on the new baby!


I’m Paula, Lollipop Cradle. I’m in Middle Georgia. This is me and my hubby.


Hi! It’s Evelyn , from sunny Orlando, Florida!


I have posted my photo on various places and have YouTube and Live FB videos up so I think everyone knows me by now but in case someone has not been frighted yet, Here I am! I live just outside Athens, Georgia.
Here is me going into the baby shower at the IDTS 2017 show in June. I was holding my BB Spencer that was reborn by Melissa George.


Did you have a table? I went to the doll show and was so overwhelmed. Are you going next year?


Beautiful baby and congratulations! How exciting!


My name is Debra and I live in Oklahoma City.


Old picture


Thank you and it’s so nice to see all of you beautiful ladies who all share the same love of reborns! :heart:️:heart:️


You are so close to me! I’m near Providence, RI!


Hi everyone! I’m CherylAnne, I’m from the smallest state in the USA, little Rhode Island. I have been reborning part time for 2 years. I have 2 biological children and a foster son whom we will be adopting shortly. :slight_smile:


Oh my, you good, I couldn’t do it. I only do cruise ships.


Congrats :tada:, She’s cute with that pretty red hair.




Congrats!!! :heart: