Post pics of your Reborn Paisley

I received a Paisley doll kit today. I’d love to see pics of everyones Reborned Paisley!

Here are some photos of my Paisley I did for a custom order for a woman’s little girl as a Christmas Gift. She wanted the baby more of a pink tone as her daughter has jaundice at birth…That is why the baby seems pinker. The woman LOVED the baby and her daughter absolutely adores her new little “baby”… Enjoy the photos!

Here is one that I did.

Awww They are cutie patooties! Thank you for posting the pictures.

I’ve only done Paisley as a Bi racial baby (custom ordered_)…here is a couple of pics…

She makes a Adorable Bi racial baby!

Thank you! I really miss my Kinsey. Your Paisley is so pretty!

Hi this is now Stacy.

Awww she is so pretty!

here is mine, my siggy

Here is mine. She is the first kit that I ever did! she is my forever baby lol can you tell I am a proud momma lol

Awww she’s a cutie!

Here’s my Paisley

This is mine .

  Hugs Tina

Here is a pic of the Paisley I did, she has been long time sold.

Oh, Wow! You all have some adorable Paisleys!!!

Here she is as a girl or boy

Cute Paisleys, all of them! I, too, have this kit waiting to be reborned. In fact, I have several waiting to be reborned…sigh…so many babies…so little time! A girl’s gotta work though!

Here’s mine I did awhile ago.I’m working on another now. AA

This is a custom that I did of one of my sons. He was nearly a nine pounder at birth, so I made the doll to be chubby and he weighs eight pounds. I overstuffed the head to make him look more like my son.