Post no longer needed at this time


I have too much going on in my personal life right now to keep up. Thanks.


I am interested in Sawyer. I sent you a PM


How much do you want for the Pearl Mermaid?


Sent you a PM


What are you asking for
Fern, Mathilda and Polly?


Alright, I’m finally back. I’m sorry, haven’t been ignoring anyone. My father was admitted to the hospital then the household was down with the flu & vomiting. It’s been a whirlwind. Kits are still available if anyone is still interested. I’ll be back on late tonight or tomorrow.


Did you sell Sawyer? I had asked for him right off the bat and you said you sold him but I see he is still marked pending.


My mother in law just bought a sawyer kit, I know she’s been looking for it for about 2 yrs. think since she started reborning but look on Facebook. That’s where she found him with body for $120 and I think there was 2 available. That’s if you haven’t found it yet if course :blush: