I purchased kits from @Blissfulbabies and @Leslie76. Great service with both! I also purchased some T-shirts from @Quinnlee and preemie bottles from @anjsmiles. Also great interactions!


I forgot to mention @kristi. :slight_smile:


@snuggle2me I LOVE the Bellaphant!! thank you so much!!!


Your welcome! Glad it arrived safely :slight_smile:


Picture time!!!


Just sold something to @ABHoriginals and she paid right away!


Bought two kits from @TanyaT and she was very patient when there was a problem with Paypal. The kits arrived fast and in excellent condition with some very sweet baby clothes included :thumbsup:


I just received an adorable romper I purchased from Nichole @ABC1234! She shipped the day after I paid, too! Thanks, Nichole! :blush:


I have bought from sewhot, babydoll3, sugargliders, macphearsons and portraitjumeau. All were terrific to deal with.


I have purchased from @JillianJade and @kristi this week no issues. Would buy from again.


Sorry ladies but, what is pif?


Thank you for this thread Izzy! What a wonderful idea :blush:


@Summer, pif is “pay it forward”. Izzy started it by sending a gift to someone, and that person had to send a gift to another person, and so on. Usually it is a thread that asks a question, and the people that respond to the question are entered into a drawing. The person who wins the drawing is the gift recipient. Then they must start the next pif.


Oh fun :blush:! Thanks! I thought “pay it forward” after I posted my question but, still didn’t know what y’all were paying forward :smiley: Thanks so much! Hope to be a part of the next one! I was a little too late for the box. What type of gifts do y’all usually exchange for the pif? Is this something I could start? After the box goes around would probably be best. :blush: Thanks again for answering my? :blush:


I’m pretty late to this thread but I received my Christmas Swap from @cassiem2000 and still love her to pieces!

The pif idea sounds like fun.


Pay it forward gifts can be anything you think the person could use. Mostly is is reborning supplies and clothes, but it is up to you. You give what you can. If you spyglass the pif threads, they usually post pictures of what they received, to give you an idea.


Pay It Forward. :slight_smile:


Bought a beautiful baby Bellaphant from @snuggle2me !
Carrie is sweet as can be and so are her Bellaphants. Check it out:

Photo by Carrie.


Awe. Thank you for being my guinea pig for Canada shipping. :slight_smile:


My pleasure! I wish more people shipped here. We really aren’t that far away, I used to live in the US! My dad was American. Lots of relatives in the US, too, from both sides of my family.
In any case, it was nice dealing with you.