Right back at ya @Katinafleming! She was an absolute JOY to work with!


Wonderful transaction with @CindyLouWho


I sold to @Katinafleming and it went great!


Thank you for quick payment. Glad to do business with you.


I have sold or had positive transactions with @MaryJane, @luvbabies, @babies4lisa, @Charlene08, @Katinafleming, @jeanhai.

Thanks everyone!


Great trade with @2layz as usual :heart:️:heart:️:heart:️:heart:️:heart:️


I received my body for Joseph. It’s beautifully made. Fast shipping @RoseannsBoutique thank you


@Estelle85 was a pleasure to work with and she mails really fast. Thanks again


Great trade with @nikkiroc too!


Have bought from micholc several times and shes awesome! She ships fast and is in contact always.


@ShangriLaRanchAlpaca, thanks so much for the beautiful hair!


Thank you! Im glad it made it safely please share your finished doll with us, we love seeing our alpaca’s fiber all finished!


I’d like to add dolllady56 (Sharon Childers) to thi positive feedback list.

I just recently purchased over $500 of items (kits, ghsp, doll joints, air dry paints, and mohair) from Sharon and can verify that she is honest and will ship your items. I just received mine this past Thursday.

This is part of my new stash -



I just received the Imani kit from @pipgirl_el. Great transaction and I can’t wait to start painting:) Thanks!


WOW! You really did some shopping!


Another great trade with @Luvbaby :heart:


wow what a fun bunch of suplies!! :wink:


I had a wonderful experience purchasing from @Ledbetterlittles she is so extremely kind and generous hearted. I love everything I received :blush:


I had a great experience purchasing from @vcarter she was prompt, kind and shipped out really fast, very :blush: happy


I have had several amazing transactions lately!! Off the top of my head;
@Reefbubbles @Grammysue @GrammysReborns (again :wink: ) @Vanniek @ashleyfox98 @CaribbeanAzure @evelyn too :wink: